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Apelul comun România - Republica Populară Chineză pentru proiecte de mobilități, pentru perioada Prin Ordinul ministrului cercetării și inovării nr.

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Cooperare europeană și internațională, Subprogramul 3. Bugetul total alocat competiției este de 1. Termen limită de depunere a propunerilor de proiecte: 31 martie CEI Cooperation Fund: Call for Proposals Public and private institutions registered in starm stack pieste de fat CEI Member State, as well as international and regional organisations, are invited to apply to the CEI Cooperation Fund for innovative actions favouring mobility and networking.

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The activities can take the form of conferences, seminars, workshops, and training courses. Proposals are to be in line with the CEI Plan of Action and meet the criteria comprehensively outlined in the Call for Proposals.

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Potential CEI contribution: up to Eligible applicants for a scholarship in the framework of the NSP: - PhD students whose higher education or scientific training takes place outside Slovakia and who are accepted by a public, private or state university or a research institution in Slovakia eligible to carry out a doctoral study programme e. Deadline: 30 April Call for proposals: Environmental monitoring of pesticide use through honeybees Concerned about honeybee colony losses, beekeepers, beekeeper technicians and scientists in specific areas of Europe started analysing the pesticide content of bees and bee products.

The results are often the same: bees are exposed to a wide variety of contaminants simultaneously and consecutively.

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Surprisingly, on many occasions the pesticides detected were not authorised, while supliment de arzător de grăsime nz others they were found in natural areas away from the sources of contamination. Pollen and pesticide analyses will serve to establish the botanical origin and contamination of the samples, respectively.

Analytical data will be put in a geospatial context, aiming to understand the possible sources and variability of both bee food and contaminants.

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In specific cases, fresh honey samples may be collected. Analysis will screen for both authorised and non-authorised pesticide and veterinary products.

The interpretation of the monitoring results will contribute to the evaluation of the implementation of European legislation in terms of pesticide application sustainable use directivepesticide authorisation and efficiency of agro-environmental and greening measures from the common agricultural policy.

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The present call for proposals is divided in two lots. Forward-looking, evidence-based reforms are called for to modernise social protection systems and enable them to face challenges such as digitalisation and changing world of work, ageing of population and the capacity of welfare states starm stack pieste de fat absorb economic shocks.

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